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Among the following,the most r...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Answer : D
Solution : In alkyl halides,polarity of C-Br bond increases with increase in chain length.

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question given here is among the following the most reactive towards equality so there are four options given here and we have to choose the correct answer so the reaction between the alkyl halide and the alcoholic it is a dehydrohalogenation reaction in which the beta hydrogen atom is remove along with the halogen atom from the alkyl halide molecule now as you can see in the second option there is no beta hydrogen atom so it won't be the alcoholic now come to the other three options now the set of rules follow when a reaction is followed when alkyl halide react with alcoholic what the set of rules says is more substituted alkene will be formed

the product that there would be the alkyl halides undergo very fast reaction with alcohol ok so we should get more substituted alkene which will be more so option force is a correct answer here because this will give us an alkene molecule which would be much more stable like this 3 Ch 112 there and as it is highly saturated as compared to other two options here so

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