Among the following sets of bases, which set of bases is present both in DNA and RNA?

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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Adenine, uracil, thymineAdenine, guanine, cytosineAdenine, guanine, uracilAdenine, guanine, thymine

Answer :


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hello students the question is among the following sets of bases which set of bases both present in DNA and RNA start the discussion duplicating Arab to type DNA double stranded RNA is single standard unit of nucleic acid is so called nucleotide this nucleotides has three parts poses for Speed S is sugar and the third nitrogen containing atah cyclic date versus phosphate group the second is 5 carbon sugar carbon sugar is different in both the Army in the last minute

nitrogen-containing Atta cycle basis nitrogen containing basis Sabhi aap to talk about this place near this place is also off to type super security and the next one is pyrimidine Uri and finally meeting sadasyon is 9 number and this purine include admin and guanine adenine and guanine it is represented as a n g and timing Yuvraj Singh

incito team it is represented as T U and C now we talk about DNA it consists of a dinner time Bhiwani and cytosine where a and has two hydrogen bonds their complementary mode and guanine and cytosine has three Bond hydrogen and army the bases present in RNA is Yuvraj Singh cytosine Vani and heading so here it will be a u n g triple wanted see the question was in both

DNA and RNA the common bases are the common basis can be seen as a Deni Vani and cytosine select select the option the first option is attenuation and time in this is wrong the second of adenine guanine and cytosine this is the correct option thank you

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