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Class 12






Jee Mains


Among the following, correct s...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Answer : C

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students let's start the question we would be going through each and every statement and then discuss their itself and predict whether it is true or false the soles of the very first case which of the souls of metal sulfide can be having examples of course we can have examples like having a reference book also so we have metallic sulphide fly or we could have any other metallic also like a huge surprise that I hydroxide metal metal sulphide soul

they are live in nature towards the solvent so much like to be sold in which the system would be containing the particles of the discourse when they would be having a very little or no interaction the dispersion medium little no interaction with the dispersion medium in short with us or metallic sulphide particles would be the dispersed field the souls of the metal sulphides would be like to be

the smaller particles 10 for bigger ok now Woodward the Brownian motion of the Brownian movement the Brownian movement due to the impact of the molecule YouTube the impact molecule of social media let me write a discussion meeting SDM with the so mean by the police

would always be more pronounced let me just complete the statement what is smaller particle because mood of the movie of the moving particle is inversely proportional to the size of a short it indicates smaller the size of the speed and his Brownian motion wooden small to is

absolutely the statement that one would expect adso chlorine charcoal would it snow hydrogen and its of hydrogen sulphide ok as compared to chlorine is because hydrogen sulphide tends to be an easily liquefied what is it easily liquefiable gases as compared to chlorine and we talk about

an easily liquefiable gases in the service we are having a higher temperature Wonderwall forces of attraction what is it from the wall forces of attraction due to which will enhance its option is worth more than I would say that the third statement is incorrect because the size of the British what is this I hope you remember Chemistry part the qualitative give any specific give

an idea of the electrolyte which would be required Tumko I will be a mini upon which this coagulation defect if we can say that if you are considering the charge that the valency would be the application module define moon who will be the coagulation

factors me we would be speaking about the bigger chart the greater valency ok so that would definitely bring in more so we have only one statement is correct and that is Brownian movement which is reflecting in option to hope you understood explanation

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