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Class 12






Chemical Bonding & Chemical Structure


Among the following compounds,...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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`(CN)_2` `CH_2=C=CH-CN``HC-=C-CH_2CH=CH_2` `HC-=C-CN`

Answer : D

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hello question is among the following compounds which has maximum SP hybridised carbon we have to know what is the hybridization is a process in which what happens to the atomic orbitals mixed together to form the new hybrid orbitals lots of examples of adjacent like SP3 hybridization SP2 hybridisation SP hybridization important factor how to find the weather this item is hybridized with SP2 SP3 aur SP if number of single sigma bond is equal to 3 then from me what you can see that it is SP2

hybrid if the number of Sigma bonds will be it is having SP hybridised and if the number of sigma bond is present as a fore that it is having SP3 hybridized atah important point to remember is that carbon carbon single want only one sigma bond is present the second cases if carbon carbon double bond is present in this case what is happening it is having one Sigma and Pi bond and if Karbonn Karbonn triple bond is present in it will have one Sigma and I think that must be a member and kept in mind for example if we take

born that is what is this carbon is SP Hai be because this carbon is having only two it is advertised and if you try to draw the structure of cl2 it will have the structure like this is what it is attached with single cover it will be triple Bond and sigma bond that is SP SP ask about the number of SP hybridised carbon atoms having to SP hybridised carbon atom that is that is it is having at h s s c 87

contains three things to say about it will be St it's important to BSP to settle PSP considered in this case the maximum number of SP hybridised carbon is only 22 LIC third option if if I am just it here to check it is having two Sigma it is having it will be it is having it will be as it is having the same thing I wanted to do it is to SP hybridised carbon it will have SP hybridised carbon compound

drawing a cat is triple bond is it right to know about it will be SP 72 it will be SP2 SP3 carbon which is called

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