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Class 11






S-block Group 1 - Alkali Metals


Among LiF and LiI, which is mo...

Updated On: 20-06-2022

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Solution : LiF is more soluble in water. According to Fajans's rule, `F^(Θ)` ion, being smaller as compared as compared to `I^(Θ)` ion, will be polarised to a greater extent. Hence LiF will be less convalent as compared to LiI and hence LiF will be more soluble in water as compared to LiI.

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hello everyone it start this question on this question we are given among and Ayyappan Malai which is more soluble in water and we have to tell the reason why we are given that is Lithium fluoride and we are given a like that is a right now we know that there are two types of compound first is ionic and second is the covalent now if we study the nature of ionic and covalent if the compound is it has higher melting point where is in case of covalent compounds melting point is slightly low now in case of ionic compounds the solubility in water is also high solubility in water now because water is a polar comp polar solvent and ionic compounds are polar in nature so they are more soluble in water where is in case of covalent compounds the solubility is comparatively now we have to

it means we have to compare the ionic character and the covalent character in case of elephant Ally now this is compared using Fazan rule Faizan Faizan Jarur Karan to Faizan sarule smaller the cation smaller or larger lion favours covalent character that is CC this is the covalent character that increases Where are if the cation is large larger and smaller and smaller and iron this fevers and a character ionic character now we have to tell which one is more soluble now we're given that the Titanic part saying that is alive positive we have to compare have negative and I negative now

when the cation and anion part is larger that is in case of a negative because it is larger in size to that of negative to the covalent character will be more now more covalent character Kitni it will be less soluble so we can say that negatively more soluble we can also check through the this we have smaller and I will be more ionic now smaller this one will be more it means that will be more soluble in water than MI and we are given here I am part is denoted by Lithium metal will be more soluble than Ally solubility this is the trend for solubility in case of lithium fluoride and Lithium iodide because of covalent nature of lithium iodide and ionic nature of lithium chloride

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