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Class 12






Some Basic Concepts Of Chemistry


Ammonia gas is passed into wat...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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0.17 g / `cm^(3)`0.34 g / `cm^(3)`0.51 g / `cm^(3)`0.68 g / `cm^(3)`

Answer : A

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given address on to water solution of density 0.3 gram per cent and its solution and options are you 0.34 0.5% 0.60 plan for CM Bihar a given solution is 0.9 G for also percent percent weight of NH3 status ammonia is given as

18.6 18.6% is equals to 18.6 gram hundred gram of 702 cm cube also given two hundred gram of solution is present in the mass of NH3 mass have to calculate sunao as we know it is 2.2 from here volume is equals to respond mass density of mass 200 gram 205 density is what this patient has what is

molarity first ball to molarity is defined as moles of solute of present volume of solution in l this is equals to 4 moles of solute can be calculated by the formula that is given way divided by molecular mass into one upon volume in litres aur we can also write a task wait in 2002 when taking the weight in mm aluminium to volume hair is in l but if I take volume in ml 2020 x 1000 now

stu sunao volume volume from equation what I can put this value over here it comes to the creation of molarity comes out to be wait thousand / molar mass in 200 ft DNA from this equation that is hundred Pondy after putting 102d sunao can calculate the molarity of NH3 is given 18.6

G write 8.67 18.6 into density is given as 0.3 into 10 and molar mass of NH3 and nf3 molar mass will be performed nitrogen it is 14 and for hydrogen 3 72 this will be 17 craft it comes off too 10.1 7 is the molarity United as it now we have to calculate the weight the mass of NH3 per CC of the solution now has been No 1

ml is equal to 1 CC equation written here in the CC in this equation and this equation is equal to the molarity sunao we have to calculate the weight from rearranging this equation by real I can write data speed is equals to molarity into molar mass into volume in CC divided 5000 now we have these values have to molarity is 10.7 calculated molar mass is 70 for Ammonia and volume it is per CC 2018 this equation we can write a task 3cc

solution of 20.1 72 CM this is the required to access from the option is this one is the

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