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Mole Concept And Stoichiometry


Ammonia and oxygen combine to ...

Ammonia and oxygen combine to produce water vapour and nitric oxide as per the chemical equation: `4NH_(3)(g) + 5O_(2)(g) to 6H_(2)O(g) + 4NO`. <br> (iv) What is the volume of `NH_(3)` at STP that will combine with oxygen in reaction (ii)?


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Updated On: 27-06-2022

Text Solution

Answer : 1
Solution : 1 mol `NH_(3)` occupies `22.4 ` L at STP Therefore, <br> 5 mol `NH_(3)` will occupy `5 xx 22.4 = 112.0 ` L at STP.


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letter solve this question the question paper combined to produce and we have to calculate the volume at STP conditions the oxygen in letters 4 moles of O2 to produce 6 moles of H2O how much volume of this Ammonia will be required and condition people combine with oxygen to give product of water according to the given reactions to intimate that is reading

of 4.4 moles of ammonia required to action and produce smoke from the standard what will be the question which relates mole and volume is one mole of gas one mole of gas

22.4 litres volume to converting the number of moles of ammonia into 4 moles of ammonia gas 4 moles of ammonia gas will contain how much volume at STP condition condition will contain the volume of ammonia gas into 22.45 the volume Comes Around 94 point

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