Aluminium is used for making alloys because of its

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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Resistance to corrosion Poor conductivity Heaviness All of these

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Aluminium is used for making and was because of its resistance to corrosion wall conductivity heaviness or all of these so aluminium Fida sign industrial metal having atomic number 13 and electronic configuration equals to any three years 23 P1 sunao the properties of aluminium which make a suitable for making and lawyers are Aluminium is ductile and malleable ductile and malleable means that I'll means it is a property I wish aluminium can be drawn into wires

and malleability the property by which substance can be hammered into thin sheets now the other properties of aluminium are the tile malleable it is lightweight rate 1:30 density and stiffness of Steel and Aluminium is a good conductor of electricity and Aluminium is Resistance to corrosion one such alloy of Aluminium is duralumin

which is used to make Aircraft bodies they will check the options option is Resistance to corrosion this right Aluminium is resistant to corrosion and form the protective layer of Aluminium oxide option 20 for conductivity is it is wrong because it is a good conductor of electricity option heaviness organ discipline or because it is a lightweight metal therefore option is option one that is because of its resistance to corrosion thank you

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