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Class 11






Chemical Bonding & Molecular Structure


Although F is more electronega...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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the lone pair of nitrogen opposes the dipole moment of `NF_(3)` while it is added to the dipole monet of `NH_(3)`all the dipoles of `NF_(3)` are in same direction all the dipoles of `NH_(3)` are in opposite direction `NH_(3)` has a regular geometry while `NF_(3)` has irregular geometry which makes dipole moment of `NH_(3)` more than `NF_(3)`.

Answer : A
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so the given question says although protein is more electronegative than hydrogen the resultant dipole moment of ammonia that is NH3 is much more than three it can be explained as so first of all we should know about The structures of ammonia is a rectangular steel structures Goes by this is The Lone pair latest and enough it will be and chlorine fluorine as well as chlorine now in Ammonia we can see that hydrogen is less electronegative than nitrogen hydrogen is less than 20% and the resultant document will be to this

but in the case of NH3 the electron flow will be the nitrogen to Bond pair and here is fluorine is more electronegative nitrogen so the electrons will flow fluorine that in Ammonia the electrons will have a workflow that is flow in the same direction but in any three the electrons will have an opposite flowe electrons are flowing from nitrogen to lone pair and that is a w and then here downloads that is from nitrogen to it will cancel out does the dipole moment in

ns3 will decrease in Ammonia the dipole moment will increase by because electrons are flowing in same direction at a say that the dipole moment of ammonia is greater than NH3 and understand the solution thank you

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