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Class 10






Organic Chemistry


All types of hydrocarbons unde...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Solution : cumbustion

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hello the question is all type of Hydrocarbons under Potash giving carbon dioxide water and options are chlorination conversion and hydrogenation will be combustion because combustion reactions are actually those oxidation reactions in which when hydrocarbon gets oxidized a large amount of carbon dioxide water and heat is produced as it is given out of the system that 5 reactions are physically thermic type of reaction for example if we take Methane molecule

and it combustion takes place in the presence of Oxygen and Carbon dioxide and water at home with excess of heat 2013 Hindi Shiksha balanced equation similarly if we take Ethane molecule light C2 H6 video and combustion of Ethane molecule occurs in the presence of oxygen then again formation of carbon dioxide and water take place in the presence of it but amount of carbon dioxide form will feel much more in comparison to Methane and total number of ka 14567 balanced equation and how we can find out that which one produce more heat

molecular weight because in case of Methane molecule its molecular weight is 60 and molecular weight of Ethane molecule 6:30 more is a molecular weight more is amount of heat produced that Python molecule will produce more so the answer of this question in combustion reaction I hope you understand it thank you very much

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