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Addition of water molecule acr...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Electrophile NucleophileCatalystSubstrate

Answer : A

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hello students let's start the question this question series that addition of water molecule across double bond to eat and team organic product can be accomplished by hydroboration followed by Oxidation reaction for this process is given as an alkene is given to which bh3 is reacted forming and anti markovnikov product at this carbon bh2 is added and hydrogen is added this process is repeated 2 times a year sem alkene is taken here and in this step all the hydrogen gets replaced and here 3 molecules are formed so this boron gets replaced when it gets oxidized with the help of hydrogen peroxide with coach minus ion

to hear address of Boron which gets add so here in this process we have to tell that bh3 is behaving as option 1 electrophile option to file option 3 catalyst and option for substrate so as for the reaction given hair with an alkene this bh3 group is getting add to form anti markovnikov product as like this this bh2 is the electronegative part so here in BHU group we can see that it is form from bh3 that when BS3 gets dissociate it gives PS2 - + H + so this is dead

negative path while this is the electropositive part so in anti markovnikov product the electronegative part get adds up to that carbon which has more number of hydrogen no for BST group we can see its structure as atomic number of Boron is 5 and its electronic configuration according to shell is 37 valence shell it has three electron in bh3 it will form 3 Bond with hydrogen atoms and total valence electrons in bh3 will be of Boron will be 6 so we can say that this molecule this bh3

electron deficient electron deficient molecules behave as an electrophile which means it is electron loving so from the above given options option one is correct I hope you understand explanation thank you

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