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Addition of water molecule acr...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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cis-1-methyl cyclopentanolcis-2-methyl cyclopentanol trans-1-methyl cyclopentanoltrans-2-methyl cyclopentanol

Answer : D

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hello students let's start the question this question says that addition of water molecule across double bond to eat at product can be bhai hydroboration followed by Oxidation reaction mechanism is shown below ear alkene is firstly treated with bh3 then addition of HNB H2 takes place on this double bond as you can see h is added here and BHU is added here and then again this method is followed and then one edge gets replaced and in the next tab then again when it is replaced and at last this boron is replaced by age group and then alcohol is form so on the basis of this mechanism we have to tell the product of hydroboration oxidation of 1 methylcyclopentene give

options are 61 methylcyclopentane S options is to methylcyclopentane all third option transfer method cyclopentanol infocorp the entrance to metal cyclopentanol should be determined the product of hydroboration oxidation of 1 methylcyclopentene we will draw the structure of one methylcyclopentene as it will contain any five membered ring which can be shown as like this and there will be a double bond and a methyl group attached and this will go undergo hydroboration and after that oxidation so as mentioned above hydroboration oxidation follows anti markovnikov rule so when bh3 dissociates it will give BH to minus and H plus

Sudheesh electronegative part will go to that carbon which has more number of hydrogen sincere at this carbon the hydrogen number is more comparison to this Karbonn show the product for this hydroboration will be weak and Riders will grow if I'm numbering and here we show the new substitute with different colour so here Boron Group D latest and hear this hydrogen will get attached and this boron and hydrogen group are getting attached on the same

so we can call it as in addition and as you can see in the above mechanism that later this boron group is replaced by ovid group with retention of configuration so in last week and show that this will change into their will draw cyclopentane drawing and hear the Boron will be replaced by weekend show here and here hydrogen will remain as it is and this group will

be above the plane and here as you can see that this too bulky group and css3 on these two carbon are on opposite side so for naming this compound we will use prefix Trance and here we will start the numbering from this carbon and this will be S carbon since which is functional group which will given higher priority so its complete name will be Trance 2 methyl cyclo pentanol so from the above given options option 4 will be correct

I hope you understood the explanation thank you

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