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Jee Mains


Addition of sodium hydroxide ...

Updated On: 20-06-2022

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both `SO_(4)^(2-) and NO_(3)^(-)`only `F^(-)`only `SO_(4)^(2-)`only `NO_(3)^(-)`

Answer : B

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hello so that the addition of sodium hydroxide sodium hydroxide solution to a weak acid results in a buffer of PH in addition constant of a distant to power minus 5 what is the ratio of 42 acid concentration in that buffer solution we have to find out the sport acid concentration to add it is given in the question that Sodium Hydroxide red addition of sodium hydroxide and write down the reaction to the reaction look like this to when we add sodium hydroxide and sodium hydroxide when we add to a week to see history CO2 when we react this is the formation of sodium

today is the formation of Sodium Acetate negative and it is this is also formation of water formation of this will become the let it is represented by this is a weak acid Sohail ended question the cost for this reaction forces acid is used to it considers the ionization constant ka4ka for this is given as 10 to power minus 5 unique and equation we know that we know that the pH is equals to a a

log Pareshan / concentration of acid right to if we have to find that the ratio of Co2 acid concentration at from here to find it sold to acid considered concentration is it so I am writing here it needs to be done in question 10 to power minus 5 minus Logon ke and which becomes - 2 - log 10 to power minus 5 minus log and performance 5

which becomes pirate which becomes too if I put their doors value in equation in this lets say this equation is equation number 1 number 1 white put the value for the value in this equation what will I get I will get is equal to what is the value of P K value is 5 + log concentration of the whole divided by the concentration of Acetate divide by the concentration of hazardous to this I will get I will get that is good for one and it becomes low concentration / / concentration of acid concentration of acid to hair

move this look to this time it becomes 10 to power power and concentration of concentration of cancer in the ratio of food to acid added to the ratio 4 to attend comes out to be right here in the ratio told divide by the concentration of acid write the concentration of acid compound to be 10 / Kaise Dekhte abhi 10 ratio poultry kyu acid this is due

abhi Ham get simply what we have get that is 10 ratio can read so option because the right answer and open be wrong and right because in the post and we have then that the solution that is like this that and it is the ratio of court to decide if it is said that it is a report to become standard towards left only within so that it has the ratio 7 ratio thank you

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