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Actylene reacts with ammonical...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Red colourYellow colourWhite colourBlue colour

Answer : 1

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everyone concerned the given question is Italian react with Ammonia kal cucl2 that is copper chloride to give precipitate of the four of the Nagin first is red colour S is yellow colour third is white colour and forth is blue Crush 2 first we know that this Italian is Aisi triple Bond Ch that it is it is reacted with SO2 cl2 IMO nikal 2 CL 2 mains Ammonium hydroxide that is base is also present this is the cuprous chloride or couple first Chloride and this is the USA dialling so when there is direct that is a Nickel copper chloride sorry cal Corp cuprous chloride react with acid talents it give se u c triple Bond ch2 which is a cuprous its name is

cuprous ke satellite acid light which is the red PPT or which is of red colour + ammonium chloride also for my side product plus water now we can balance this to you should Bittu and should be also to 16 this is a balanced chemical equation when installing react with Ammonia kal it is this is commonly called a monocle on Colours you to cl2 Oracle cuprous chloride so we get that so in this section we get the red precipitate of the red colour of the of the precipitate of the red colour hands of a number of first that is red colour is the correct choice thank you

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