According to MOT, two atomic orbitals overlap resulting in the formation of molecular orbital formed. Number of atomic orbitals overlapping together is equal to the molecule orbital formed. The two atomic orbital thus formed by LCAO (linear combination of atomic orbital) in the phase or in the different phase are known as bonding and antibonding molecular orbitals respectively. The energy of bonding molecular orbital is lower than that of the pure atomic orbitals by an amount Δ. This known as the stabilization energy. The enerby of antibonding molecular orbital in increased by Δ' (destabilisation energy).
Q. Which of the following statements is not correct regarding bonding molecular orbitals?


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Updated On: 27-06-2022

Text Solution

Bonding molecular orbitals possess low energy than the atomic orbitals from which they are formed
Bonding molecular orbitals have low electron density the two nuclei
Electron in bonding molecular contributes to the attraction between atoms.
They are formed when the lobes of the combining atomic orbitals have the same sign.
The correct Answer is B
bonding M.O has maximum electron density between two nuclei.


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