`A_(1)` and `A_(2)` are two ores of metal `M.A_(1)` on calcination gives a black precipitate, `CO_(2)` and water. Identify `A_(1)` and `A_(2)`. <br> <img src="https://d10lpgp6xz60nq.cloudfront.net/physics_images/KSV_P2_CHM_C01_E01_387_Q01.png" width="80%">.

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Solution :
`A_(1)` is malachite `CuCO_(3).Cu(OH)_(2)` <br> `CuCO_(3).Cu(OH)_(2) overset (Delta) rarr 2CuO + CO_(2) uarr + H_(2) O` <br> `CuO` is the black solid. <br> `CuCO_(3).Cu(OH)_(2) overset(Dil.HCl) rarr CuCl_(2) + CO_(2)+H_(2)O` <br> `CuCl_(2) overset(KI) rarr Cu_(2)I_(2) +KCl + I_(2)` <br> `A_(2)` is copper glance, `Cu_(2)S`, sulphide ore. <br> `Cu_(2)S overset(O_(2).Delta) rarr Cu_(2)O +SO_(2)` <br> `Cu_(2)S +Cu_(2)O rarrCu +SO_(2)` <br> The gas `SO_(2)` gives green colour with acidified `K_(2)Cr_(2)O_(7)`. <br> `K_(2)Cr_(2)O_(7)+H_(2)SO_(4)+3SO_(2)rarrK_(2)SO_(4) + underset("Green")(Cr_(2))(SO_(4))_(3) + 4H_(2)O`.


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this is a question explain to you a 12 hour to use of Metal app even on cancellation gives a black precipitate carbon dioxide and water identify if it is we are doing crossing it means in said we are getting black solid also we can assume we know that copper oxide is having a black and now on the other side the acting is a with dilute HCl with it and use it is also a bit the compound assume that even is copper carbonate dot over it is also present copper Hydroxide with repeated and the name of this is balance sheet audit let's see if this is even we can confirm by doing its reaction to first of all when we heat it then there is formation of copper oxide the black solid along with the look

carbon dioxide gas in water is used in form from the first actresses be followed over head when we are doing the calcination overhead the next thing that you would be to a given treated with dilute hydrochloric acid to get cucl2 carbon dioxide and water and was popularised obtaining Hai is then heated with potassium iodide according to the question sequence then we would be getting CU 2 + + I confirm that is malicious happy happy even busy now part of the Year 2 crossing done to get metal and gas which is then treated with potassium diet and sulfuric acid to get it is possible that is taking cu2s

taken as a to ok and we will be doing rosting ok heating in the presence of excess of oxygen to get cu2o copper oxide and Sulphur Dioxide gas will be eliminated out now what happens this copper sulphide the lesser amount is for the treated with you to to mouth then we get copper and Sulphur Dioxide the Sulphur dioxide is green colour with acidified potassium dichromate we can check in K2 cr2 O7 H2 S o4 acidified potassium dichromate along with the Sulphur dioxide is can I give the formation of Potassium Sulphate apart from this would be getting a green colour compound that is chromium sulphate cr2 S V rice which is green in colour and there is Liberation of water as well as these are they react

E1 and E2 respectively thank you

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