Updated on:30/05/2023

A yellow turbidity, sometimes appears on passing H2S gas ever in the absence of the second group radicals. This happens because


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The correct Answer is
H2S oxidised by some acid radical (e.g. NO3 salt) present in the mixture is to sulphur which appears as yellow turbidity
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question page that is yellow turbidity sometimes appears on passing H2S gas per in the second group medicals this happens because so your thing is that what will happen your business to spare some time is oxidized H2S gas is to oxidize in presence of in presence of your presence of the your acidic radicals due to which sometimes your only see yellow precipitate due to which you see yellow painting of this observation which usually see
energy or connect option for this ok so you should know these things sometimes what you like that two squares is oxidised to acidic radicals of cancer due to the nearest station of transverse incubi

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