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States Of Matter


A valve between a 5 litre tank...

A valve between a 5 litre tank in which the gas pressure is 9 atm and a 10 litre tank containing gas at 6 atm is opened and pressure equilibration ensures at a constant temperature. What is the final pressure (in atm) in the two tanks ?

Updated On: 27-06-2022


Text Solution

15 atm7 atm12 atm21 atm


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student is a value in which the gas pressure is 980 m&a 1026 ATM is open in pressure equilibration insurance at a constant temperature in pressure so here we have tank and tend to have between 10 to 10 and we have to open this time and read using constant temperature process so here temperature is constant so here in ideal gas equation TV is equals to an end which constant since we have same gas in the two times then we have our which is constant and tea which is constant in this question

Surya we can write as TV is equals to constant so here we have the so we can write a team that is in Tank 1 and time to the equal to final pressure and volume product in the students so you the PF be real bf will be equal to me one Plus V2 near river is given a file and V2 is given as 10 litre so here then it is 9 ATM and Birbal is 5 plus we have p26 ATM and we do as can we have PS we have to find out and vfs15 Li so from here

define 6015 p.m. so from here PF will come out this 782 the final pressure in the two tanks will be 7 ATM I hope you understood the question 2 practice this question thank you


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