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A substance 'X' having low mel...

A substance 'X' having low melting point, does not conduct electricity in both solid and liquid state. 'X' can be :

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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Text Solution

HgZnSSiC` C Cl_4 `

Answer :
Solution :


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a substance that that having low melting point and does not conduct electricity in both solid and liquid state so X can be read so we have to identify the act that we know that about Mercury is a metal and this is the only metal which exist in liquid state at so I can say this is only metal with exist in liquid status exist in liquid state at liquid state liquid state and we know that metal are good conductor of electricity that this Mercury conduct electricity rate so I can say this conduct electricity that this conduct electricity so what is the cost it is thought that so the compound x for you can just

act has low melting point its melting point Israel or so but it exist but it does it conducts electricity rates it conduct electricity at but in the question that it is it does not conduct Le sativa Linn both solid in liquid state at so much we cannot be conducted at night so what is the quotient is all that the compound that has low melting point and does not conduct electricity so this cannot be evidence that so we can eliminate Sona Muthu 2nd 18 zn assets if you talk about z z z l type of semiconductor so had any compound and I can say this is semiconductor at this is semiconductor so that biscuit conduct electricity it conduct electricity is conduct electricity so however it conducts category left it at a very low it but it connect Alexa to read so that means this cannot be our

sources its ionic compounds show its melting point to be very sore and in the case of silicon carbide reacts with that is silicon carbide that it is actually a covalent compounds or covalent compound Pet store and its compounds show and along with it is a semiconductor also write so it is also semiconductor it is also a survey conducted so this you have to know about this is semiconductor so sensitive semiconductor so it conducted at this point is not matching so this cannot be your answer and this cannot be our results we talk about if I talk about ccl4 85248 so you can see this decision for is carbon tetrachloride has a tetrahedral structure as to whether tetrahedral structure like this show has a tetrahedral structure this compound is known for its this is non polarized this this is not follow that

is it that I tried so so and due to this it does not conduct electricity in solid liquid and I can say this it's non polar and does not conduct electricity does not conduct electricity but this does not conduct does not conducted so I can write a this is CU and conduct electricity rate so this does not conduct electricity and it is a very low melting point so its melting point is its melting point is you can say that its melting point is very low you can say that it up approach 76° so I can say is the compound X bi ccl4 compound text BCCL for which satisfy this condition low melting point and does not conduct electricity in solid state as well as liquid sated so I can sell option d will be the correct answer and along with this option A B and C will be the wrong so please answer the question

so thank you

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