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Class 12






D Block Elements


A substance is found to hav a ...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Answer : `mu_(B)(3.9)=,n=3`
Solution : N//A

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which state that is magnet for how many unpaired electron having a given magnetic moment which is equal to 9 question Noman n number of to find out in a magnetic moment for the question is given to equal to

99 will be equal to under root N into n + 2 square in both side ok Blenders Pride 3.9 now equal to 9 January equal to 15.2 real and equal to zero you have to do the right

- of we have we have equal to equals we have - of 15.1 because the standard equation that rate for standard have latest food and all the value write 2 - of to last mind

we have the square and -4 into that we have one into right now it's time for this - 2 + - 3 have we have plus Ho Pareshan easier 4.84 we are going to get here so I just to make it card application -2 plus minus under root 3

minus right 264 82 82 82 the value of alpha and beta are going to get it to get swipe right but any number of unpaired electrons we have to admit card -1 to end will be equal to write the number of unpaired electron that you will be getting to know if I have ok

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