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A student addd few pieces of a...

A student addd few pieces of aluminium metal to two test tubes A and B containing aqueous solutions of iron sulphate and copper sulphate. In the second part of her experiment, the added iron metal to another test tubes C and D containing aqueous solutions of aluminium sulphate and copper sulphate. <br> In which test tube or test tubes will she observe colour change? On the basis of this experiment, state which one is the most reactive metal and why ?


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Updated On: 27-06-2022

Text Solution

Solution : `{:("Test tube A (Iron sulphate:)(aq)"),("Test tube B (Copper sulphate)(aq)"):}]Al` <br> `{:("Test tube C (Aluminium sulphate )"),("Test tube D (Copper sulphate)"):}]Fe` <br> In test tubes A , B and D the change in colour takes place. <br> It means Al displaces Fe from (aq) iron sulphate and Al also displaces copper from `CuSO_(4)` solution. This shows that Al is more reactive that Fe and Cu. <br> In this second experiment - Fe being less reactive than aluminium , does not displace Al from aluminium sulphate solution but displaces Cu from `CuSO_(4)` solution. thus 'Al' is the most reactive metal.


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