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A solution of urea contains 8....

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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`348.9 g mol^-1``174.5 g mol^-1``87.3g mol^-1``34.89 g mol^-1`

Answer : A

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hello everyone here the question is a solution of Urea contains 8.6 gram per litre it is isotonic with 5% solution of a non volatile solute the molecular mass of the solute will be ok so here we have to find out the molecular mass and in the question the both the solutions are isotonic means they have same osmotic pressure that means 51 is equals to Paye to consider is Osmotic pressure of Urea as 51 and of this solution it is 52 as osmotic pressure is equals to CRT consider this se1 and this is C2 R Ti R NTR constant so they will cancel out so your concentration is in terms of molarity so concentration will be divided by molecular weight into 1 by volume of solution in litres and

this will be same volume in l now put values weight of urea is given 8.6 and molecular weight of urea is 60 as urea has a molecular formula and H2 conh2 and this will be 14 + 2 into 1 + 12 + 16 + 14 + 2 into 1 and this is equal to 60 and volume is given that is per means one now weight of this S solution it is 5% weight by volume is given that means 5 gram of solute is present in hundred ml of solution wait here is given that is 5 and Molecular weight we have to find out and volume is in ml convert it into l / thousand after solving the

molecular weight of the 2nd solute is 340 8.9 gram per mole is option

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