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A solution containing 30 g of ...

Updated On: 20-06-2022

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Solution : Let the molecular mass of non-volatile solute be M and vapour pressure of pure water at `298 K =p^(0)` <br> (i) Mass of water = 90g, Moles of water at `=(90)/(18)=5` <br> `p_(A)=2.8k P_(a)`, weight of solute = 30g <br> Now `(p^(0)-2.8)/(p^(0))=(30//M)/((30)/(M)+5)~~(30//M)/(5)" "...(1)` <br> (ii) `p=2.9kP_(a)`, weight of water `=(90+18)=108g` <br> Moles of water `=(108)/(18) = 6, p_(A)=2.9` <br> Now `(p^(0)-2.9)/(p^(0))=(30//M)/((30)/(M)+5)~~(30//M)/(5)" "...(2)` <br> Dividing (1) by (2) `(p^(0)-2.8)/(p^(0)-2.9) =(30//M)/(5) xx (6)/(30//M)=(6)/(5)` <br> or `(p^(0)-2.8)xx5=6(p^(0)-2.9)` <br> or `5p^(0)-14.0=6p^(0)-17.4` <br> or `p^(0) =17.4-14.0=3.4kP_(a)` <br> Substituting the value of `p^(0)` in eq. (1), we have <br> `(3.4-2.8)/(3.4)=(30//M)/(5) or (0.6)/(3.4) xx 5 =(30)/(M)` <br> or ` 3M=3.4 xx 30 `<br> or `M=(3.4xx30)/(3)=34" g mol"^(-1)`

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hello students the question is a solution containing 30 G of non volatile solute exactly in 90 water has a vapour pressure of 2.8 ke 298 Kelvin for the 18 water is then added to the solution and the new become 298 Kelvin calculate the solute and vapour pressure of water at 298 K cigarettes are the solution to let the molecular mass Absolut DM and vapour pressure of water at 298 Kelvin BP not so according to the minus 3 minus 3 by 3 on that is relative lowering of vapour pressure will be equal to

mole fraction of solute that is X2 is mole fraction of solute which will be equal to number of moles of solute by total moles of solution present Chunav ki seat case 1 then he mass of water is 90 g 2 moles of water will be equal to given the given it is 19 ml of water comes out of it is given this pressure of the solution is w is given

30 gram this is weight of non volatile solute it will be g nausea will be applying this year we need to find a petition sorry pressure of pure water saving beekeeping in minus 2 by 5 is equal to salute 30 given b by molecular weight of solute by total most voted most will be absolute less water cause of water sweaters 5 we have calculated the solution is the solution is diluted so when solution is dilute then the most of solute can be neglected in mole fraction in denominator is this will be neglected and now the solution will become 35

and it will be Peene -2 buy peanut this is the first equation kids ABC ks2 pressure has not come what 2.9 K 2.0 and weight of water out of water 90 gram it was before 18 years now is more added to 90 + 80 this will come out to be 108 now will be calculate moles of water your sweet will be 108 by 18 to 20 knowledge supplied formula once again soupy not is vapour pressure of pure water -2.9 by P not equal to Sweet will be equal to 30 by M

what is mole fraction of moles of solute by total moles of solute it will be 30 + 6 year as the moles of water is now 6 so as said before when the solution is dilute solution is dilute moles of solute moles of solute neglected can be neglected action inde nominator of fraction suno suno this will become peanut - 2 point by Sheraton

31 by 6 year and this is the second equation now what will be doing it will be dividing one by two so when we divide One by Two solution comes out buy peanut -2.1 and this value comes out to be 30 Wi-Fi and this will be 6 by 30 Sudheer 3033 not 26 April cross X value will be or not -2.6 be not -2.9 nope in the brackets that will hear it into 5 into peanut and 5 into 2.8

and 2.8 in 25 August 14 - 17 48 will be equal to 17 - 14 Sudesh will be equal to 3.4 kilo Pascal now we will be applying the screenshot in the first equation which is he not minus 3 by peanut is equal to 30 by 30 days and 25 this will be equal to P not value your just calculated pressure of pure water which is 3.4 and this value is 2.8 by it will be 3.4 Subah 3.4 and this will be equal to 30 by 5 p.m. this value comes out to be

0.6 by 3.4 is equal to 30 by 5 by I am sorry 35 and now again cross multiply this to the value comes out to be 0.6 in 25 and it will be 3.0.6 this will be divisions so m is equal to 32 34 0.6 into 5 so this molecule that isn't the value comes out to be 34 G Mol this is the answer to this molecule of masses how much 34 and its vapour pressure of pure water at 298 Kelvin 3.4 thank you

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