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A sample of gas occupies a volume of 320cm3 at STP. Calculate its volume at 66C and 0.825atm pressure.


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P1=1.00atm, P2=0.825atm
V1=320cm3, V2=?
According to the gas equation,
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so in this question a sample of gas occupies a volume of 320 cm cube at STP standard temperature and pressure calculate its volume at and 0.825 atmospheric pressure this letsryde currently we have volume 28 and given temperature is 66 degrees celsius and pressure is 0.825 now solve this question have to find out the volume of gas so first of all we write the at STP
we have precious ap1 equal to 1 atmospheric pressure now now at new condition we have pressure to equal to 0.825 atmospheric 4st PB high volume V1 equal to 20 cm and here we need to find out the volume now as you know temperature T1 at STP is considered as 273 Kelvin and 82 we are given degree Celsius we have to convert it into Kelvin so it is 339 K value at 273 + according to the gas equation we know that p 1 v 1 upon 1 is equal to p 2
to open to know what we have to do we have to find B2 so we will get the equation P1 multiply with V1 x divided by 2 X with one so let's put the value here we from the given we will have P1 value which One X with given value which 320 X Ti Tu value which is 339/2 value which is 0.825 multiply with one value which is 277 with salt and simplify this we will get we have to cancel out this and this and we will have the final answer v2s when you saw late you will get 48 you so in this question the arc about the volume
volume volume building 482 cm cube of you understood

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