A sample of a gas occupies 650.0 cm at 100C. At what temperature the gas will occupy a volume of 1050.0cm3 if the pressure is kept constant ?


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Updated On: 27-06-2022

Text Solution

In the present case,
V1=650.0cm3 V2=1050.0cm3
T1=100C=100+273=373K, T2 = ?
The pressure remains constant during expansion. Hence, according to Charles. law
or T2=V2T1V1=1050.0×373650.0=602.5K
Hence, the required temperature is 602.5273=329.5C.


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location of a k 56 50.0 at hundred degree Celsius at what temperature the gas will occupy a volume of 100.0 constant one by one equals to V2 by Titu question question consists of pictures
650 4.0 cm and 20 50.0 cube equals to hundred degree Celsius which is equals to hundred plus 273 is equals to 373 now from equation T2
= 22 = 210 0.0 into 37311 650.00 2.5 degree celsius is
equals to 60 2.5 2732

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