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A reaction attains equilibrium...

A reaction attains equilibrium state under standard conditions, then what is incorrect for this?

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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Text Solution

Equilibrium constant K = 0Equilibrium constant K = 1`DeltaG^(@)=0 and DeltaH^(@)=TDeltaS^(@)``DeltaS=0 and DeltaH=TDeltaS`

Answer :
Solution :
`DeltaG^(@)=0` at equilibrium under standard state. <br> Also, at equilibrium, `DeltaG=0` <br> Also, `DeltaG^(@)=2.303RT logK` <br> `therefore" K=1`


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hello everyone left of the question question is that reaction at equilibrium state under standard conditions what is the incorrect value for this and we have been given four options you right so we have to find out the incorrect value of equilibrium super slim we know that under standard conditions write the Gibbs free energy at equilibrium is equal to how much that at equilibrium free energy know that Delta G is equal to how much watt is equal to the value of delta G is equal to zero then it will make delta H - the

Dekho what we will get we will get delta H equal to the Delta it should these all conditions and the change in entropy is standard conditions this means that Delta G is equal to zero is that what it is eco liberal this condition totally satisfied by the equilibrium condition now you also know that the value of delta G under standard conditions is equal to Delta G not equal to minus are there are constant temperature what is Cape ke is what it is equilibrium constant K is the equilibrium constant

that under standard conditions this value of delta G will be equal to how much it will be equal to zero is equal to minus Aarti LN this means the value of LN ke will be equal to how much Zero B L and T is equal to zero and if I take log on the right hand side so that will give me the value of k equal to e raise to the power 0 is the value of k will become know anything if an exponential is raised to the power 0 give me what will it gives the value ke equal to 1 write this means that the value of k is equal to 1 then we look at the options here in the option to it is given to us that equilibrium constant K is equal to 1 this means it is a correct value to this value is achieved at equilibrium this is what we just have found out number 3

look at Delta G is equal to zero this is a standard conditions Sohail delta H for becomes equal to T Delta so this condition is also achieved at equilibrium question number 3 is also correct now if you are left with a number 4 which says that if the value of delta is right here we have equal to Delta minus the value of delta is equals to becomes equal to zero then in that case what will happen this year is actually it becomes equal to zero in this option if we have to change your Tum Delta G is equal to delta H

the value of zero is never achieved at equilibrium so this is option number one is the correct option to this is our answer thank you

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