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Class 12






Neet Mock Test 9


A piston filled with 0.04 mol ...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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`q = - 208 J , w = + 208J``q = +208J,w = + 208 J``q = + 208 J, w = -208 J`` q = -208 J , w = - 208 J`

Answer : C

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hello everyone in this question we have to find out the value of Q that is heat and views work done for the process in the quotient is given that hipster filled with 0.04 mole of an ideal gas expands reversibly so it is reversible process from 50 ml to 375 ml at constant temperature of 37 and 80 jor se given that it up job 208 joule of heat now let's see who is vote that is which is absorbed in the solution of job means it is endothermic process it will be + 208 June because it is Hindu Shramik now in the reversible process

for reversible process you is always equal to minus dablu we have the solution so from here we can find out w - dablu.ine is equal to Q which is equal to plus 2080 from here you will be -208 Jo so this is the answer in the option in the first option Q is equal to plus 2018 it is wrong because it is a job in the second of its 208 w is plus 20 also not correct in the third option Q is 2080 is -20 so this is our correct option

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