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Class 12






Aldehydes, Ketones And Carboxylic Acids


A : Nitration of benzoic acid ...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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If both Assertion & Reason are true and the reason is the correct explanation of the assertion, then mark (1).If both Assertion & Reason are true but the reason is not the correct explanation of the assertion, then mark (2).If Assertion is true statement but Reason is false, then mark (3).If both Assertion and Reason are false statements, then mark (4).

Answer : D

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hello everyone letter solve this question the questions that assertion Nitration of benzoic acid gives oath to and para derivatives of nitrobenzoic acid reason carboxyl group is activating group 10 question two statements are given assertion and reason we have to check whether these are true or not and according to that we have to select one option we are given for 12 p.m. letter start insertion it is given Nitration of benzoic acid gives Ortho and para derivatives of nitrobenzoic acid cause if we take benzoic acid benzoic acid benzene ring and on benzene ring we have PO it when it will be treated with HNO3 in presence of H2 S o4 then Nitration there will be

electrophilic substitution of nitro from here we get c o o h as it and am position we get a note hair NO2 that is nitronium and it gets substituted 2 meta position now we're getting meta derivative of nitro benzoic acid not Earth and para derivative so let us see the reason behind it if it a carboxylic acid if you take care carboxylic acid so here we have C double bond o o h this is your group no basically the carboxyl group it is it will show hair - MB pack are you can see minus y minus b

minus measure Meri Cafe because here we have C double bond and we know that oxygen is more electronegative than carbon what happens this bond will break like this and this Pi electrons of the Ring will be transfer outside due to this we get a resonating structure here here we get a positive charge and a double bond oh and here O negative and these two double bond as it is when these electrons will transfer here we get another resonating structure now where we get double bond and here we get positive charge and here double bond and hair double negative then again this bond electron will transfer here and we get the another structure navigate double bond Ch double bond and positive charge comes here and

double bonds or negative now when this bond break the electron come here and we get the last lecture like this and here again we get C double bond oh wait to these are the resonating structure now as you can see due to minus M effect of the carboxyl group we are getting positive charge on auto and para position it means electron density is in decreasing electron density is decreasing at Auto and 13 what happens in electrophilic substitution the nitro group will attack the meta position because an author and para position the electron density is low due to minus M effect of it will prefer to attack at the meta position

where electron density is more in comparison to Ortho and para position and minus effect they are meta directing they are meta directing always remember and hair carboxyl group shows minus effects it is decreasing the electron density on the overall ring and which group decreases the electron density on the ring they are deactivating Group D waiting group right so as you can see in assertion notice given Nitration of benzoic acid gives oath and para derivatives of this is called and in reason it is given carboxyl group activity group this is also fall because carboxyl group is deactivating the ring due to its - M affect both her fall to the

correct option will be option if both assertion and reason are false statement and mark 4 correct option is option 44 is the answer thank you

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