A neutral atom of an element has 2K,8L,9M,and 2N electons. Find and the following
a. Atomic number
b. Total number of s electron
c Total number of p electron
d. Total number of d electron
e. Valency of the element
f. Number of unpaired electrons


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so the question I have is a neutral atom of an element has 2K 8l 9mm to an electron ok we have to find out the following the first atomic number total number of electron ki lectron the electrons and valency of the element and the number of unpaired electrons ok so first will simply Kat calculate the total number of electrons ok so total number of electrons Bihar are 9 + 17 + 219 + 2 21 that means total number of electrons are 21 or we can say that the atomic number that is dead OK it is equal to 21 so the answer to this comic number it is 21 now at second question is total number of electrons ok to find out that we have to write down the electronic configuration
of a so electronic configuration atomic number 21 is 1 s 22 to 256 PS 2642 and City now the total number of electrons it is equals to 2 + 24 + 16 + 28 it is equals to 8 now next when we have is total number of Felix equals to 6 + 61212 now Nexus total number of the electron ok so it is equals to 1 now the next we have we have to find out the valency
of the element ok so basically what is valency valency is the number of electrons present in the last l Google and see number of electrons in the last so we have two electrons in the last that mean double entry for this is all we can say that three wire because there are electrons in this last option ok so that is now the last we have a number of unpaired electrons will simply look into the last ok this is the last so here only one unpaired electron is present OK so the unfair electrons are only one because in D subshell ok this is the only one electron
is present which is which is a that means number of unpaired electrons are 14 this is the answer to this question

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