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Class 10






Chemical Bonding


A molecule of ___________ cont...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Solution : nitrogen

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hello river let's start the question the question is that a molecule of dash contains a triple Bond the molecule can be hydrogen Ammonia or nitrogen if you talk about the molecules that is hydrogen is to ammonia which is NH3 and nitrogen which is into so these all three molecules they consist of covalent bonding there is a covalent bonding and that means of electrons it is covalent bond means sharing of electrons between two atoms so how Korean companies are formed by sharing of electrons between the two atoms are first consists of one electron in outermost shell of the day for the bonding between two hydrogen atoms

done by sharing of the this one electron in hydrogen atom consists of one that is single bond between them Tere single bond between two hydrogen atoms about NH3 and nf3 is in nitrogen atom consists of five Valence Electrons and there are three hydrogen atoms that is this end with one electron each in their outermost shell to the bonding between nitrogen and hydrogen is a sharing of one electron of hydrogen and 100 electronic nitrogen 3 single bonds between nitrogen and hydrogen atom is wind lone pair on nitrogen 3 single bond between nitrogen

hydrogen and one lone pair on nitrogen speech of water third molecule that is into INR into his both of the nitrogen consists of five electrons in the outermost shell with one electron pair that is with one electron pair that is lone pair of Nitrogen in 33 and electronic shares with the unpaired electron of the nitrogen to give three points between three single bonds between the nitrogen atom and molecule consists of Nitrogen molecule consists of three three Singapore job vacancy at triple bond between two nitrogen atoms in a molecule

of Nitrogen contains a answer to the question is nitrogen thank you

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