A mixture of two aromatic compounds (A) and (B) separated by dissolving it in chloroform followed by extraction with aqwueous KOH solution. The organic layer containing compound (A) when heate with alcoholic solution of KOH produced a compound (C ) ( C_7 H_5 N) associated with an unpleasnt odour . The alkaline aqueous layer on the other hand , when heated with chloroform and then acidified gave a mixture of two isometic compounds (D) and (E ) of molecular formula C_7 H_6O_2. Identity the compounds (A), (B ) . (C ) (D), and (E ) and write their structures .



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Updated On: 11-6-2020

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Solution :
i. Given, <br> Mixture of (A) and (B) <br> `underset (+ KOH (Aq.)) overset (CHCl_3) rarr underset ((A)) ("Organic layer ") + underset ((B)) ("alkaline aqueous layer")` <br> ii. Organic layer on treating with ` KOH` (alc.) produces (C ) of unpleasant odour `(C_7H_5NC)` and thus, (C ) is ` C_7 H_5 C`. This is carbuylamine reaction. Therefore, (A) is ` C_6 H_5 NH_2`. <br> `underset ((A)) underset ("Aniline") (C_6 H_5 NH_2 ) + CHCl_3 + 3 KOH (aq.) rarr underset((C))(C_(6)H_(5)NC) +3KCI + 3H_(2)O` <br> iii. Alkaline layer on terating wityh ` CHCl_3` followed with aciaification gives two isomers (D ) and (E ) `(C_7 H_6 O_2)`. This is Riemer -Teimann's reaction and thus , (B) is `C_6 H_5 OH`. <br> <img src="https://d10lpgp6xz60nq.cloudfront.net/physics_images/KSV_CHM_ORG_P2_C15_E01_185_S01.png" width="80%">.

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