(a) Mention the causes for water pollution.
(b) Mention different types of pollution.
(c ) Mention the control measures for water pollution.

Updated On: 27-06-2022

লিখিত জবাব

(a) Defecation of living beings, industrial operation, agricultural activities, thermal pollution and atomic reactors are the different causes of water pollution.
(b) Microorganisms, poisonous metallic salts, residual amount of artificial fertilizers, pesticides, insecides and hot water are different types of pollutant.
(c ) Usage of pit latrines, conversion of cow dung into biogas and the left over slurry can be used as manure. Removal of metallic salts by chemical treatment of water before discharging it, usage of natural manure in place of artificial fertilizers, usage of natural pesticides, avoiding spraying of chemicals in rainy season, usage of drip irrigation, cooling and recycling of water in the industry, and cooling by cooling towers before discharching it into water bodies are some of the control measures of water pollution.

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