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A measured temperature on Fahr...

A measured temperature on Fahrenheit scale is `200""^(@)F`. What will this reading be on celsius scale ?

Text Solution


Answer : C
Solution : There are only three scales to measure temperature `""^(@)C, ""^(@)F` and . The K is the SI unit. <br> The temperature on two scales are related to each other by the following equation. <br> `""^(@)F= 9/5 t""^(@)C+32` <br> Applying the values in above equation, <br> `200-32= 9/5 t""^(@)C` <br> `:.9/5 t""^(@)C= 168`<br> `:. t""^(@)C= (168xx5)/(9) = 93.3""^(@)C`


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