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A maxima or minima is obtained...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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That the liquids are immiscible with one anotherThat the liquids are partially miscible at the maximum or minimum.An azeotropic mixture.A eutectic formation.

Answer : A::B::D
Solution : Greater is the intermolecular force on mixing, more negative will be the devaition `p lt P_(A)^(@)chi_(A) + p lt P_(B)^(@)chi_(B)`. <br> Experimental vapour pressure will be less than calculated vapour pressure.

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below is a statement that we are provided life didi to answer this particular particular statement that a maximum and minimum is obtained of a temperature composite aunty mixture of this two liquids what does it indicate that the liquids are immiscible with one another or its formation and minimum of is obtained on the temperature composition when it is achieved the maximum and minimum is Octane so that it only happens in a case of essay topics for see what does isotropic mixture is given as your mixture so this type of mixtures are also known as constant mixture

by constant mixtures what do you mean that that for example there is a mixed let a and b is a mixture screw cooler all boil at the same time I don't talk difference in the following temperature the ball football at this temperature and both particularly show large positive and negative deviation from this is all about the mixture so the answer to that question is anisotropic me

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