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A light radiation is subjected...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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`1 eV``2 eV``4 eV`None of these

Answer : B
Solution : According to graph, total energy subjected `= 12 eV` <br> No. of photons `= 2` <br> `:.` Energy of each photon `= 6eV` <br> `(KE)_(max) = E - phi` <br> `4 = 6 - phi` <br> or, `phi = 2 eV =` Work funcation

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a light radiation is subjected to a metal sheet that Total energy subjected is constant and a number of photons subjected are calculated electron Board of the metal from the graph assume hundred percent is the total energy subjected is 12 electron in this question was given that the total energy the total energy is equal to 12 electron volt and this graph be observed the maximum kinetic energy is given to be number of photons initially are to talk about number of photons to since 100% absorption is taken place therefore the energy of a photon if we calculate wood

how to be 12 / 2612 is it OT and two other number so therefore this would come out to be 6 electron volt and since we know that the maximum kinetic energy the kinetic energy of photon - the function in the given that the maximum kinetic energy is 4 when is substituted here we get 4 is equals to energy of each Photon at is electron volt is the work function so when we find the work function in VB 6 - 4 that is to electron volt this is going to be our and

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