A gas 'X' combines with another gas 'Y' in the presence of a catalyst 'C' to form a colourless gas 'Z'. The gas Z gives dense white fumes with hydrogen chloride and turns red litmus blue. <br> Write a balanced chemical equation for the formation of Z.

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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students are given question is a gas X combines with another gas by the presence of catalyst to form a colourless gas Jet and the gas judge gives white dense film HCL and turns red litmus to Blue how write a balanced chemical equation for the formation of Jet what actually they are asked the question should write the chemical balance the chemical equation for formation of which formation of Z formation of the first we shall find the judge said that the given gas Z on reaction with HCl

it is giving white Den skills is this is a conceptual it is giving white dance games always remember that if there said that this having HCL and also is producing by Dennis Holmes it will have chance right many transfer yes Ammonia it always do it is a concept because the ammonia on reaction with HCl what will happen it forms ammonium chloride that is NH version in they are actually quite dense games so we can observe white dance tunes so we can say the jet

main bhi Ammonia but we can't be confirmed but if you see the second and they said that formed the red litmus blue eyes only bass can do this right any fish is ammonia what is ammonia is nature It is basic in nature know we can say Z from the total to exhibition what cancer did is actually Ammonia now if you seed server should write the formation of Z chemical equation we are having a very famous process what is the Haber Process process what will happen

nitrogen in the presence of hydrogen write and we use a catalyst iron what will happen if farms NH 33 try to balance near by putting two and then will be 3 this is the balanced chemical equation is a balanced equation and this is the formation equation of ammonia which they asked questions completed students

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