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A gas occupies 70 litres at 27C .What volume will it occupy at 273C , pressure remaining constant ?


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V1= 70 L
V2= ?
T1=27C= 300 K
T2=273C =546 K
By Charle.s law
=127.4 L
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ok Sar kripya 70 litres at 27 degree Celsius so what volume will it occupied at 273 degree Celsius at pressure remaining constant so in which law you remember that the pressure is pressure remains constant so if you remind about the Charles law Charles law it is volume is directly proportional to temperature and the pressure is constant so we will have the formula here we use a call to T1 V 1.1 is equal to V2 upon T20 first we have to know what is given in the question here we have given here women is equal to 70 litre you can see it is the first volume given here we have to find the second volume ok and what is temperature given you
if you see temperature T1 is 27 degree Celsius which is the initial temperature in Cancer 27 degree Celsius we have to change it into Kelvin how you can change it can be so 27 + 273 it will give 300 Kelvin so it is 1 is equal to 300 Kelvin and what is T2 given year T20 to is given here 273 degree Celsius which will be again converted in K so it will give 273 + 273 is equal to 546 ke soty 2 will be 546 K so we have the formula hear about the Charles law which will help to find the answer so
V 1.1 is equal to 2 upon 3 to so we have to put the values in the equation what is given here we 17781 is 300 we do we have to find a way to solve it will be way to wear and t2 is 546 ok we have to move this from this site so we to will be equal to 70 in 2546 upon 300 so after solving you will find here 120 7.4 litre so what is the 120 7.4 litre so 120 7.4 litre is the second volume here
which is asked in the question

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