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A fixed volume of a gas occupies 228cm3 at 27C and 70 cm of mercury what is its volume at STP ?


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Initial Volume V1=228cm3
Temperature T1=27C =(273+30)=300 K
Pressure P1 =70 cm Hg
Final Volume V2 = ? cm3
Temperature T2=0C=273 K
Pressure P2= 76 cm Hg
Applying gas equation, we will get
The required volume of gas is V2=191.1cm3
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a fixed volume of a gas occupies 228 cm cube at 27 degree Celsius and 70 cm of Mercury which is the pressure so what is its volume at STP STP is standard temperature and volume so we have to find here the volume at STP super to have to write what you given any clear in the question I will write given things you what is given here here it is given that everyone is equal to 228 cm cube which is the volume one here and we have to find the volume to at STP ok so what is pressure here if you see me 1 P1 is here said that 76cm of Mercury so it is 77
of HG it is a pressure 1 and what is pressure to pressure to at STP is 76 CM of HG this is constant pressure have it is T2 and T1 T1 is equal to 27 degree Celsius here it is temperature when we have to convert it into Kelvin how to convert it into Kelvin you have to add 278 year so it will be converted into Kelvin so the result is 300k it is T1 here it is 300k and what is Titu Titu is 273 K which is the constant temperature at STP so we have the total value is here to apply it in the gas equation Sal right
aap line in gas equation ok so what we have the formula it is P1 B1 B1 upon T1 is equal to p2v 2 upon T20 will start putting the values into it what is B1 your fever is 70 and what is vevan vevan is 228 ok T1 is 300 If You See Me 2 what is 3276 V2 we have to find the way to hear and what is 32 it is 273 so I'll take me to to this site and move all the values to the other side so we have 70 in 2228
2273 upon 300 in 276 so after calculating this you will have the final value of V to as 190 1.1 cm cube so this is the final volume which is required as asked in the question at STP

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