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Class 11






S-block Group 1 - Alkali Metals


A fire extinguisher contains H...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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`NaHCO_(3)` and `Na_(2)CO_(3)``NaHCO_(3)` solution`Na_(2)CO_(3)``CaCO_(3)`

Answer : A
Solution : `H_(2)SO_(4)` react with `NaHCO_(3)` and `Na_(2)CO_(3)`, liberating `CO_(2)`.

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answer the question we are having a fire extinguisher it contains H2 S o4 and that talk about the fire extinguisher what is the use of Fire extinguisher Fire extinguisher is used to give to give CO2 right when emergency it is required to photo of fire tried so far this be used as a single Fire extinguisher it contains H2 S o4 and that's right so let us understand that if we talk about H2 S o4 and in order to get CO2 Fire extinguisher generally contains can see that fire extinguisher Fire extinguisher it contains sodium audio cancer sodium bicarbonate write any nahco3 and sulfuric acid that is bar H2 S o4

so that nahco3 can decompose and it could give the reaction regarding this so here we are having to any nahco3 + of H2 S o4 and it will perform any 2 S o4 that is sodium sulphate + of H2O and plus of Co2 in 2022 this is used to extinguish the fire right and what we can say we can see from here that any ads and nahco3 and we're having H2 S o4 but placed inside separately inside separately at rapidly and we can say that in case of

emergency when there is fire seal is broken and H2 S o4 and any any three reacts differently to give Shadow to write so this you too can put off fire that in fire extinguisher contains H2 S o4 and we are having any hco3 hotspot option we thank you

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