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a) Draw the stereochemical str...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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problem is draw the stereo chemical structure of the product is the following reactions of the reaction is c h c triple Bond ch2 lindlar catalyst and b is a question these are the two 2 question write down the structures of the stereoisomers formed when 62 beauty in is react with bromine so fast me one by one more the solving questions we solve so first a part in a part we know that over here this given compound is RC this is alkaline RC Triple H with lindlar catalyst so we know that what to do the cylinder Le catalyst over here H2 and over here this is landlords catalyst lindlar catalyst was converted into 6 form so the final product is H C double bond

here we see 113 1 hour is here another are is here because this is this will give the stress product hydrogen here and here that me is this is our this product sis product now be part of our final product now we solve this be part in people write down the structure of isomerism stereoisomerism the given compound is 62 beauty so that means beauty is cd11c CS3 CS3 processes than in the same position same side this h&h these are the same side now we make with br2 this will be react with br2 bromine what is the product the product is carbon single one carbon this will convert into carbon carbon and over here this one

CS3 another ch3oh Ahir hydrogen hydrogen air the 7 hydrogen yeah this we are here one hydrogen and hear the we are now after this is dibromo edition product this is called dibromo addition product this is called I bromo as product dibromo edition product now we make the stereoisomers over here stereoisomers look like here we make this and second one is this so here this one to two chiral centre of weak acid to direct centres so one is here second year same day we can make over here first is this and second one is this

now in this compound which type of reaction is this one CS3 we make diastereoisomers CS3 CS3 BR hydrogen and hear this hydrogen and B are in this compound we can make another compound this is CS3 CS3 switch in the position where the sage year we are here we are in this position at these are the two isomers of these two optical isomers of these are optical isomers optical optical isomers this is our final answer thank you

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