A dihaloalkane on alkaline hydrolysis produces a ketone with formula `C_(3)H_(6)O`. The dihaloalkane can be

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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2, 2-dichloropropane1, 1-dichloropropane1, 2-dichloropropane1, 3-dichloropropane

Answer :


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students today and question in a die hello alkane on and Caroline hydrolysis produces a Ketone with 80386 we have to find the die hello so here we are given with four compound so let's draw the structures for so here in a map to 233 CL CL and BR vs chc so this is 22 dichloro pencil draw your PC into this is 1.8 CM 12 CM

12513 so here we have ch2 ch2 and curious to see this is 12 diagram now we have to find that on which dye hello al9 hydrolysis producers of keep so here we have to produce a CI tool that mean to produce a Ketone both the halogen should be present on one carbon to produce a keep your c and d option will be eliminated days we have to clothes which are attached to different carbon for your c&d options will not let CA end portion so if you do it is high alkaline hydrolysis here will get CH3 C double bond Ch

and here if will do its alkaline hydrolysis here we will get Ch double bond ch2 Ch since this 2cl will be stand at year we can see that this is under head which is forming and in aqueous song ki tone that means our answer will be a that is to type green I hope you understand the question 2 practice question thank you

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