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Class 11






Solid State


A crystal is made of particle...

Updated On: 20-06-2022

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`X_(4)Y_(3)``X_(5)Y_(5)``X_(5)Y_(4)`None of these

Answer : B

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hello student are question is that made up of particle x and y are formed the fcc packing and Y occupies all the octahedral void if all the particle along one body diagonal are removed then the formula of the given that is made up of X and Y particles and in which x axis and white Occupancy octahedral voids and it is said that if all the particles are present on the body diagonal they removed then we have to calculate the formula of the British now for fcc lattice that is face centred X particle performing fcc packing it means X particle are present on on corner

and at IIT pace centre and Y atom if their present on if they occupy all the octahedral voids and the octahedral voids are present on body centre hat body centre and at each at centre if we draw a unit cell of the fcc lattice of this crystal

it means X atoms are present on corners 8 corners and at each face centre centre Sudheer present on the face sentences and the why atoms if they occupy the octahedral voids that octahedral void would be at the body centre and at its centre now I stayed in the question if the particles along one body diagonal there remove the formula of the Crystal would please all are the X atoms Kaun as well as a standard and why are the octahedral voids that occupying body centre and if the body diagonal

this body diagonal if the atoms along this are removed it will contain 2x atom which are present on the corner this one and this one and one body centred why atom will be removed so we have to calculate now the total number of effective number of effective X atoms that would be the particle or atoms present on corners that will be because two are removed and contribution of one atom is 1 by 8 because it is shared by 8 unit cell and the present on atoms present on face Centre to their artistic face centred atoms and its contribution to this will give 3 by 4 + 3 is equal to 15 by now the number of effective why atoms would be

that would be the present on body Centre that is removed otherwise all the 12 atoms internet centres are Amen to that will be 12 in 21548 Centre contribute 1 by 4 to the power 3 now we have the number of X and Y atom effective number this is 15 54 and this is 3 cut into simple ratio that will give us 5 by 4 is to 1 night we convert this into integer from this fraction formed by X Force for this will give us 5 is to it means the formula of the Crystal would be X5 white formula Flickr the option which is the correct is the option expired life so I hope you understood the solution thank you

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