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Class 12






Qualitative Inorganic Salt Analysis


A colourless mixture of two sa...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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`AI(OH)_(3)``Zn(OH)_(2)``NaOH`None of these

Answer : c
Solution : (A) gives white ppt `NH_(4)CI and NH_(4)OH` <br> (A) is `AI^(3+)` and ppt is of `AI(OH)_(3)`<br> `AI(OH)_(3)` is soluble in (B) `rArr` (B) is `NaOH` <br> (C ) is `NaAIO_(2)` (solium meta aluminate)(A) form dimer indicatting (A) is electrons whichin the possible case of `ICI_(3)`<br> (A) is thus `AICI_(3)` (acidic due to hydrolysis turn blue lithium red)<br> (B) is `NaOH` (alkline turns red litmus blue) <br> `underset((A))(AICI_(3))+underset((B))(3NaOH)rarr underset("White ppt")(AI(OH)_(3))+3NaCI` <br> `AI(OH)_(3) + underset(("Excess"))(NaOH)-underset("Soluble" (C))(NaAIO_(2))+H_(2)O` <br> `AICI_(3) +3H_(2)O rarr AI(OH)_(3) +3HCI darr` (fumes) <br> `AICI_(3) + 3NH_(4)OH overset(NH_(4)CI)rarr AI(OH)_(3) darr` (fumes) <br> `2AICI_(3) rarr AI_(2)CI_(6)` <br> <img src="" width="80%">

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let's start the question there are vision is around this question is Above a colourless mixture of two salts A and B access in soluble in water ok bye have to find identified in this conversion to first of all we find compound A what is a white precipitate gift wife white precipitate ok nh4cl and nh4oh is aluminium and President and CEO aluminium Hydroxide soluble is a business analyst be used as we find according to reaction ok so we ride

aluminium chloride is aluminium Chloride and B in NIOS that is alcohol into ok as we write that it converted into blue so we write that an alkylene turns red ok I hope it is killing to you I am waiting here a is aluminium Hydroxide which is in sodium hydroxide and sodium hydroxide convert red litmus into blue litmus blue right

to you

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