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Class 12






Qualitative Inorganic Salt Analysis


A colourless (A) when place in...

A colourless (A) when place into water a heavy white turbidly of (B) solid (A) gives a close solution in conesolution in cone `HCI` when `HCI` solution is added to clear solution water ,(B) forms again (B) dissolves in dilute `HCI`. When `H_(2)S` is passed through a sespension of (A) or (B), a black precipitate (C ) forms , (C ) is insolves in yellow ammonium sulphide `(NH_(4))_(2)S` , cone `H_(2)SO_(4)` added to solid (A) liberates gas (D) gas (D) is water soluble and gives white precipitate with mercuric salts (E ) and not mercuric salt .The black precipitate (C ) dissolves in `HNO_(3), (1,1)` to give a solution to which `H_(2)SO_(4)` is added followed by addition of `NH_(4)OH` when a white precipitate (F) is formed (E ) gives a black ppt , (G) with solution of sodium stannite. <br> When compound (E ) reacts with `NH_(4)OH` , then product is a

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Text Solution

White ppt Black ppt yellow ppt Green ppt

Answer : b
Solution : `underset((A))(BiCI_(3)) +H_(2)O rarr underset("White ppt")(BiOCI darr) +underset((B))(2HCI)`<br>`underset((B))(BiOCI)+2HCI rarr underset((A))(BiCI_(3))+H_(2)O`<br> `2BiCI_(3) + 3H_(2)S rarr underset("Brown-black ppt")(Bi_(2)S_(3)darr) +6HCI` <br> `Bi_(2)S_(3) +8HNO_(3) rarr 2Bi(NO_(3))_(3) +3S darr +2NO +4H_(2)O` <br>`2Bi(NO_(3))_(3) + 3H_(2)SO_(4) rarr Bi_(2) (SO_(4))_(3) +6HNO_(3)` <br> `Bi_(2)(SO_(4))_(3) +6NH_(4)OH rarr underset((F))underset("White ppt") (2Bi(OH)_(3)darr) +3(NH_(4))_(2) SO_(4)` <br> `2Bi(OH)_(3) +3Na_(2)SnO_(2) rarr underset("Black ppt")underset((G))(2Bi) +3Na_(2)SnO_(3) +H_(2)O` <br> `2BiCI_(3) +3H_(2)SO_(4) rarr Bi_(2) (SO_(4))_(3) +underset((D))(6HCI)` <br> `Hg_(2)(NO_(3))_(2) +2HCI rarr underset((E))underset("White ppt")(Hg_(2)CI_(2)darr)+2HNO_(3)`


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hello everyone let's start the question inclusion is staying here is a place into water have to give solution in cancellation form for added to solid in PPT with Mercury and the black dissolve in HNO3 to give a solution which is the

black ok solution of sodium in product is finally I convert how to find listen carefully in each of the equation place into water ok water water IOCL white white now this is compound b

and b is react with cl2 IPL ok ok and first of all we know this equation react with hydrogen sulphide hydrogen sulphide 23 brown black precipitate with small brown blood

ok 232 3 react with nitric acid did Sulphur and two nitric oxide of ok and further night react with 3 moles of selfie B

26 Mol of h Ashok Ashok call react with is react with 6 Mol of Ammonium hydroxide Mol of business hydroxide with white precipitate which is white according to given information hydroxide Bismuth Hydroxide react with any

two to three moles of H2 O2 H2O ok this compound is here this is ji black and finally chloride 2 moles of chloride give four wheel drive this compound is a d finally we have to find

BF to find me who do I look today 2 moles of cl2 + H2 find when is react with react gnh to

ok which of black black ok I hope you second option is correct here

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