A colourless (A) when place into water a heavy white turbidly of (B) solid (A) gives a close solution in conesolution in cone HCI when HCI solution is added to clear solution water ,(B) forms again (B) dissolves in dilute HCI. When H_(2)S is passed through a sespension of (A) or (B), a black precipitate (C ) forms , (C ) is insolves in yellow ammonium sulphide (NH_(4))_(2)S , cone H_(2)SO_(4) added to solid (A) liberates gas (D) gas (D) is water soluble and gives white precipitate with mercuric salts (E ) and not mercuric salt .The black precipitate (C ) dissolves in HNO_(3), (1,1) to give a solution to which H_(2)SO_(4) is added followed by addition of NH_(4)OH when a white precipitate (F) is formed (E ) gives a black ppt , (G) with solution of sodium stannite. <br> Compound (C ) is also formed by the following reaction



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Text Solution

`Ba^(2+) + S(2)O_(3)^(2-) rarr E ``Bi^(2+) + S(2)O_(3)^(2-) rarr E ``Bi^(2+) S(2)O_(3) overset(Delta) to E `None of these

Answer :
Solution :
`underset((A))(BiCI_(3)) +H_(2)O rarr underset("White ppt")(BiOCI darr) +underset((B))(2HCI)`<br>`underset((B))(BiOCI)+2HCI rarr underset((A))(BiCI_(3))+H_(2)O`<br> `2BiCI_(3) + 3H_(2)S rarr underset("Brown-black ppt")(Bi_(2)S_(3)darr) +6HCI` <br> `Bi_(2)S_(3) +8HNO_(3) rarr 2Bi(NO_(3))_(3) +3S darr +2NO +4H_(2)O` <br>`2Bi(NO_(3))_(3) + 3H_(2)SO_(4) rarr Bi_(2) (SO_(4))_(3) +6HNO_(3)` <br> `Bi_(2)(SO_(4))_(3) +6NH_(4)OH rarr underset((F))underset("White ppt") (2Bi(OH)_(3)darr) +3(NH_(4))_(2) SO_(4)` <br> `2Bi(OH)_(3) +3Na_(2)SnO_(2) rarr underset("Black ppt")underset((G))(2Bi) +3Na_(2)SnO_(3) +H_(2)O` <br> `2BiCI_(3) +3H_(2)SO_(4) rarr Bi_(2) (SO_(4))_(3) +underset((D))(6HCI)` <br> `Hg_(2)(NO_(3))_(2) +2HCI rarr underset((E))underset("White ppt")(Hg_(2)CI_(2)darr)+2HNO_(3)`

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