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Class 11






Ionic Equilibrium


A certain insoluble compound o...

Updated On: 20-06-2022

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Solution : The ligand will tend to dissolves the insoluble compound. A reagnet which leaves the least amount of common ion in the solution is the one which will cause greater reaction.

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hello we won today's question is a certain in soluble compound of m plus two when shaken with water provide an employee's to concentration of this is 1 into 10 power minus 4 a.m. gate is added to the system in A quantity which form is soluble Complex with M + 2 and Lee 1 into 10 power minus 6 m m plus two in solution will the insoluble compound tend to dissolve explain in this question and insoluble salt is given containing M + 2 Y this is salt which is insoluble when it is dissolved in water it so very less an addition in water so we get one positive and with someone at the concentration of a positive to is given 1 into 10 power minus 4 for this we can write a constant solubility product KSP that is product

M + 2 and concentration is constant value at a given temperature now when ligand is added then the concentration of M + 2 Y and decreases at it become 1 into 10 power minus 6 because this M + to forming some soluble Complex with this League show the formation of the soluble Complex will disturb the equilibrium according to list their principal the concentration of product is degrees then equilibrium bill shift in forward direction to form more products in this equilibrium we can see

this equation will be favoured in forward direction to more amount of salt is dissolved in water so it can be concluded that in this equilibrium if the concentration of a positive to that is product is decreased by formation of some soluble Complex the equilibrium will shift in the forward direction or we can say the salt which is insoluble in water become more soluble this is explanation for this question thank you

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