A bonding molecular orbital is formed when the electron waves of the combining atoms are in phase.


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ok so hello everyone on this question over here is that a bonding molecular orbital is formed when the electron wave of the combining atoms are in place the statement has been given to us and we will tell how it happened so basically what happened just let me right when bonding molecular orbital are formed in bonding molecular orbital when morning mica battles are formed ravechi Gali so they are formed by the in face a combination a combination of
a combination of the atomic wave function what happened busy Gali electron in this orbital are stabilized so it is there to attain stability at night electrons are stabilize Herbalife electrons are stabilized and its orbital this what happens it understand this with diagrams are selecting these are it topi loop that are overlapping vinati orbital basically overlap inside with orange database when there is a Pi bond in form so what happened this let me right basically a combination is happening so let's save this is plus page to this will be as a plus b minus 2 in face overlap will happen
bijali Bil overlap and result will be something like this resultant of the overlapping Bond Sulabh positive Anna Bond is formed this happens it's what happens in morning molecular orbitals when increase combination is there in anti morning the exact opposite is there it is in that there are others out of phase combination of atomic weight function and electrons are destabilize the electrons in that Mallika orbital become less stable and this happened in the opposite face with this week and it didn't actually thank you

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