A binary solid `(A^(+)B^(+))` has a rock sell structure .If the edge length is `400 pm` and radius of cation is 75 pm the radius of amion attion is

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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100 pm125 pm250 pm325 pm

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hello 12 question is a binary solid binary solid ab has a rock salt type structure if its length is 400 is pm ok not plus minus and the radius of cation is 75 pm the radius of anion is OK then what is the rock salt structure rock salt is NaCl NaCl is rock salt ok and NaCl is also known as a b type crystal fibre type crystal means all every type crystal the date of NaCl can be applied OK then in NaCl crystal and a + iron + and CL minus Sin A + ion is similar as a plus and CL minus is similar beat - CL minus forms fcc crystal

N N A + sin is present in all octahedral voids Octa hedral words of any plus capsule - Hoke any place is present in all octahedral voids of CL minus of CL minus and octahedral voids are present at 18 body centre body centre and at all centres centres OK then the discharge of portions of octahedral void then in NaCl crystal to form the latest then this is the cube and CL minus will be present in fcc social minus value

at corner and face Centre OK then let's assume this is a CL minus this is a CL minus this is an another CL minus and this this space will be vacant and this is a pod is this is a centre and hear a n a plus will be situated this is CL minus then if I say that this distance is a MS is length then you can see on this as there are three atoms one is CL minus the CL minus is here and second one is an A+ this is an A+ and the third one is again CL minus OK then the distance from this CL minus to this CL minus is a ok this is a

radius of this CL minus is our - the CL minus is also are - the radius of an A+ is our Plus and this will be distance also 8 plus ok than I can say that a is equal to 2 h + + R - then in NaCl crystal the relation between the distance between two oppositely charged ions and is length is a is equal to 2 h + + R - and in this question is length is given is as400 in the radius of cation is 75 then a is 102 are + + R - then this will be give 210ah plus plus or minus is equal to 200r plus is 75 then are minus is equal to 200 - 75 is equal to 125 PM in this

answer this is the radius of anion OK then answer will be S I hope you get your answer thank you

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