A balanced equation for combustion of methane is given below:
Which of the following statements is not correct on the basis of the above chemical equation? (A) one mole of CH4 reacts with 2 moles of oxygen to give one mole of CO2 (B) one molecule of CH4 reacts with 2 molecules of oxygen to give one molecule of CO2 and 2 molecules of water (C) 22.4L methane reacts with 44.8L of oxygen to give 44.8L of CO2 and 22.4L of water (D) 16g of methane reacts with 64g of O2 to give 44g of CO2 and 36g of water


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question for combination of Methane is given below is 4 + 2 S o4 2022 which of the following is not correct chemical equation which statement is not correct from the given equation ch4 + O2 CO2 H2O question so what we can say the all the one mole of Methane
1 HP is equal to how much time will + 4 into 10 equal to 16 hoolock Gibbon omolo oxygen GK question who win 32 request 6402 one mole of YouTube 1232 request 244 g endless to moon water 2 mole of H2O
is equal to 2 into 18 request values now let us go through the given statement one by one for the statement false treatment for CM given one mole of ch4 reacts with two moles of oxygen to give 1 mole of CO2 incomplete one mole of CO2 in water treatment cause 1 mole of ch4 react with 2 mole of Oxygen to give 1 mole of CO2 and 2 moles of water treatment now the second state what is the second statement 1 molecule of ch4 reacts with two molecules of oxygen
to give one molecule of Co2 and two molecules of water because here it is one molecule of ch4 reaction to molecules of oxygen to give one molecule of Co2 and two molecules of water statement true now 3rd for the third question we have 22.4 l m in 40 4.8 litre of oxygen to give 44.8 litre of Co2 in 22.4 litre of water treatment pressure so we will write or equation in standard temperature after BCom then we will compare our equation with the given equation so question we have 22.4 litre of ch4 reacts with
Express 44 convert 8 litre of oxygen to convert 22.4 litre of Co2 + 44.8 l of H2 so this is the correct statement for STP but given statement the given option is 2240 44.8 litre of CO2 but 22.4 litre of Co2 produced third statement is also check the fourth equation in this is correct or not support the equation is 16 gram of Methane reacts with 64114
to to give 44 water these are the way that we have calculated a question 4.4 is also the fourth equation is recorded and that is often called the state call on the basis of the Other chemical reaction give the correct option don't think

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