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A `50mL` of solution of `I_2` is divided into two unequal parts. I part with hypo solution in acidic medium. 15mL of `0.4M` hypo was consumed. II part was added with 100mL of `0.3M NaOH` solution. Residual base required to mL of `0.3M H_2SO_4` solution for complete neutralization. What was the initial concentration of `I_2?`

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girls underwear is going to see a problem with 50 ml of solution of I2 divided into two unequal parts 1 part 2 solution in a medium and 15 ml of 0.4 molar consume and second part was added with 100 ml of 0.3 molar in 10 ml of 0.3 molar solution required for complete neutralization they are just as the initial concentration of so that we write up so fast path inside into two equal parts that you right couples to part equation what is the first part is iodine EP 2223 hypo Arabi given to any Eye Plus

ktu S4 processor have one mole of I didn't hear two moles of tripod with reacting with sodium iodide 246 product next step and just going to calculate the many moods of letters and may 23 2.50 number data from the data into 0.4 2020 for one mole of what is the value I can have a sixer so from the particular reaction will know that half of that I will be consumed for the hypo solution so I can write the next step animals of iodine Hindi movies of iodine used equal to half of my many more

of my na2s 23 so so I am also it will be used at equal to half of the software 23 so I can divide 600 to hear kating three years the melting words of iron which is used in the first part in forest my second part is concerned at the right a second part what is the second part here second part will be reacted with our heads to write the reaction H2 + 675 and a plus naio3 plus 3 H2O Sofia also is going to calculate the many moles of H2 s o4 for sensitive skin for complete utilisation that

flat moles of H2 S o4 so let M tamile moles of H2 S o4 lete the volume of H2 S o4 bete ka 10 ml is going to substitute here 10 into the concentration of H2 S o4 is three equal to the reaction to complete your colleges in USA for SBI basic does a mole of SO2 who is to 1 ratio I be multiplied with two what is the 6 many moons are there are 6 moles of H2 S o4 is used and what about my next step will be calculating the first of many moles of so many moles of my exercise will be equal to the same

the many moods of my H2 S o4 so I can say that both the same equal to 6 many moles are this is for anyone in what about the next step and is going to right here in Exeter Paisa total used so I can write next step as moles of total any prior to my hundred is given in 20.3 into 12 equal to 30 mini militia SO to exact super company neutralisation equal to total -

inner voice of exercise so I can write pure the next episode 13 - 6 equal to 24 inches exactly for the computer utilisation the next thing and it's going to calculate total moles of iodine is used in the particular reaction that occurs in this going to add 20 years of iodine used for that total moles of iodine used in second part equal to AC from the reaction a half of the many moles of SO2 check patient that does can have 8-3-321 near so 3 and

6 a.m. one mole of it will be consuming to be having with 21 points and right to that it will be equal to half of my own words used so I can write your very well as 24 to determine 12 so diet induced in the second part of reaction is 12 what about the two parts of iodine year total parts of iodine total many moles of iodine 2 part 1 + power to ID news what about the part 1 year part 1/3 as calculated and their three flasher what is the 12 so that 4A altogether 15 many moles of iodine used and what about the next

step I have to cal Michelle concentration molarity of my to it is given by the formula recorded by volume so so 15 / 50ml what is the value here is 0.3 molar refinery plated the concentration of Alto 800 0.3 molar thank you

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